Rachel Manns is an internationally commissioned freelance photographer based in London, UK. She has spent the last decade shooting for a range of clients all over the world. She has a strong passion for sustainability and human rights. With fierce ethical values and a beautiful visual style, Rachel’s work perfectly intertwines the two. Her aim is to use her camera to aid positive change globally, whether that’s politically or commercially, whilst never compromising on aesthetic. Get in contact for rates.

Publications include: Vogue, Refinery 29, The Times, The Huffington Post, Peppermint, Oh Comely, Dazed, The Observer, Marie Claire, Frankie & The Guardian.

Clients include: Oxfam, Universal, Barnardos, Penguin Books, Fashion Revolution, RIBA, Cowshed, The Little Deer, Bulmers, Birdsong, Island Records, Know The Origin, Katie Jones & Made.

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